Shark AV752 Ion Vacuum Review: A Good Start

Welcome to Home Appliance Review, We are gonna be making all tests in this Shark AV752 Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaner review article. We did purchase this product and any opinion expressed in this review article is strictly our own. That being said, if you’re interested in this product and you want to find out more about it, the link here

Overview of Shark AV752 Ion

 Shark AV752 Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaner review

It’s retail box and packaging . Let’s open it up and look at the contents. Here are all the contents. First up, we have our product literature . We have our owner’s guide for the AV752 and the AV753, walking us through everything we need to know about our robovac: how to set up and prepare for use, how to charge it. Then they have how to control it with indicator lights, battery status, manual cleaning mode. Then we have our Shark Clean app and voice control settings , and then a lot of maintenance tips and tricks for us.

 Shark AV752 Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaner review

And then we have some troubleshooting and additional product information. This does come with a one-year warranty. Next, basically a quick start guide with the QR code to the Shark Clean app, again available for iOS and Android devices. Then we have our two side cleaning brushes , followed by our charging base and power supply with the Shark branding on it. That looks pretty cool. And lastly, we have the robovac itself. Let’s look at this in more detail.


It’s just moving around the house sporadically, no rhyme or reason to it; it’s just responding to obstacles as it encounters them, and then it changes direction. It’s moving freely on our hard floor , no issues; it just encountered our doormat right there, and again, it’s able to move up on it, turn around, and drive back off without any reservations or anything like that. It worked great, it’s nice to know it can change surfaces very easily.

It’s under the cabinet; it found the corner , and it’s adjusting using that bumper and its sensors to navigate. At this price point, it’s very common for vacuums to have this style of navigation, where it just sporadically cleans all throughout the house. We prefer vacuums that have the line-by-line, row-by-row navigation because it actually knows where it’s cleaned, and it makes sure that every area of your house is covered every time it cleans, which we prefer because there’s definitely more consistency to be had in your cleaning experience if the vacuum does navigate that way.

Shark AV752 Ion test

We have some obstacles for it ; it’s driving under the chairs, and it is able to navigate. it just uses that front bumper to make contact over and over again, very gently to find its direction and navigate around. in real-time how it’s doing ; it’s trying to find a way out, it’s back out and continuing to clean.

Let’s turn it to max. We have max cleaning mode enabled, and it’s following us. We actually can’t tell any sort of difference in the level of noise from the vacuum with max enabled. we was expecting to hear a noticeable change in suction power, but we have max mode, and it’s continuing on with its clean.

It’s going to encounter this area rug , and It’s able to drive right up on it, no issues at all. We’ll see as it comes back this way how it’ll do. Here’s some shoes on the floor too; that’s a nice obstacle. But here we go, drives right up on the rug and right back down, no issues. Gotta have some fun with those shoes now, here we go; let’s see how it does.

As long as it can bump into them and not drive over them, you shouldn’t have any issues with obstacles like that.

With the vacuum cleaning on the carpet ; check it out as it navigates. we also want to show you within the mobile app; we have a couple more features that we can look at. We can send it to the dock; we can find the robot. We also have our suction settings , we can do max if we want, if we don’t want to physically press the max button, or we can do eco. Right now, we’re in normal, let’s go down to eco.

 It’s changing those settings ; again, we can’t tell a difference from the audio level. Nothing sounds any louder, any quieter. let’s go back up to max. Maybe a little bit louder if we jump from eco to max, but We are guessing normal just bridges the distance enough that it’s hard to tell between the settings. Where you’re, you know, noticing anything in regards to decibel level, per se.

Let’s leave it in max mode for the carpet. That’ll help us get the best clean possible. And It’s driving , just going around the baseboards a little bit. it’s working its way diagonally again, all sporadic, no rhyme or reason to how it’s cleaning.

 Shark AV752 Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaner test
Shark AV752 Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaner test

The vacuum approaching the top of the steps on the landing ; the cliff sensors just activated, and It’s going to prohibit itself from going any further and falling down the steps.


Let’s let the vacuum finish cleaning, and we’ll check out the results. Don’t forget, while the vacuum’s cleaning, you can send it home if you want for whatever reason. within the app, we can press ‘Go to Dock’ right there, the big red button.

It’s chiming in; the dock button is illuminated. You could also press that button if, for whatever reason, you wanted to send it home at that moment.

It’s going to work on finding the home base. There’s the home base; let’s see if it’s found it yet. It sure has, it’s lining up to make its approach to charge. It found its home base, and it’s charging. that we’ve finished cleaning, and look at the results. We’re going to flip the unit over, and , looking at our main brush unit, we already have a lot of hairs, carpet fibers, and threads that are stuck on the main brush roller.

It’s always in your best interest to go ahead every couple of cleans, flip it over, and conduct some routine maintenance by cutting or pulling all the threads off. But this will pick up and get threads tangled on the main brush—very common with this style of vacuum cleaner, regardless of make, model, or brand.

Let’s flip it back over. Let’s look at the dustbin . So, check it out—oh, that’s disgusting. all the pet hair that we have right there. Let’s gently open this up without creating a huge mess if we can. We are terrified how we’re gonna do this; We are gonna end up spilling it everywhere. Let’s just try to be gentle here. Oh, we’re gonna mess it up. We did it! gently, but look at how disgusting that is. This is a real-world test— all the pet hair, crumbs, everything it was able to pick up . Look at all the crumbs on the hair on the bottom.

So, dirt, dust, crumbs, hair, grass clippings. This is your typical household mess from kids, from adults, and from pets. This is going to do a great job picking up everything for you.

We also want you to focus on the filter . some of that. This is also going to collect, and this is important; it’s going to keep those really fine dirt and dust particles. We can focus in on this—maybe, maybe not—but it really keeps those really fine dirt and dust particles trapped in the filter as well. So, it’s not just spreading it around your house, shooting it out the back or anything like that. It’s gonna trap all of that in the filter to make sure that it’s gonna give you that nice, deep, and thorough clean.

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Pros and cons of Shark AV752 Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Shark AV752 Ion reivew

Overall, We are impressed with the cleaning abilities of this robovac. So, after using the Shark AV752 Ion robot vacuum cleaner, let we share with you our final thoughts. we really think this is a great choice and option for people that are looking for a name-brand reputable robot vacuum cleaner, but they don’t want to have the latest and greatest features, and you want to spend the least amount of money as possible. That’s where this vacuum cleaner comes in. Obviously, with some of the features that we feel like this vacuum’s missing, self-emptying base, lidar navigation, you can get those on higher-end makes and models.

For this particular unit, this is just a simple, you know, set it and forget about it robovac. Set a schedule, let it do its thing, and empty the dustbin, and that’s all there is to this. It does have a mobile app that’s very basic; you can just do what you can do with the buttons, adjust the suction setting, that sort of thing. So, We’d love to say give us smart mapping, give us a cleaning map, a cleaning history all these other features. But that’s going to be on their higher-end makes and models. For this particular unit, a budget-friendly name-brand robovac, this definitely delivers.

With all that being said, just keep in mind some people might have a lot of furniture and obstacles that the vacuum can get tangled on without a better navigation system. just make sure that you’ve prepped your area in your house and you keep it in tip-top shape for this vacuum cleaner to operate properly. we was impressed with the battery life.

They advertised 120 minutes, and we were definitely seeing that with our test. Depending on the suction level that you have, if you’re cleaning hard floors with carpets, things like that, you will get around that battery life, and we think that’s great, especially because this doesn’t have a recharge and resume.

Battery life is more important than some of those smarter robovacs out there. Pay attention to its size too; this is a fairly tall robovac. if you have lower couches or pieces of furniture that you usually want a robo-vac to clean under, this one might be on the taller side for that, not able to go under some of those places. But overall, this has done a great job cleaning. If you’re used to Shark vacuum cleaners and you’re happy with that cleaning quality, it definitely translates over to the robovax.

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