Roborock Q REVO review: Perfect mid-level Robot vacuum choice

Welcome to Home Appliance Review and to our Roborock Q Revo Robot vacuum review. The Q Revo is a brand new design from Roborock, which incorporates most of the advanced technologies found on the super high-end Roborocks like the S8 Pro Ultra, but at a much more affordable price.

We bought one and put it through all kinds of tests over the past couple of weeks, and in this Roborock Q Revo review article, we will go over all the results of those tests and list some of the pros and cons of the Q Revo. Links in below this post, and let’s get started.

Roborock Q REVO review
Roborock Q REVO review

The Basics of Roborock Q Revo

As far as the basics, the Roborock Q Revo comes in two different color options. It’s a robot vacuum mop combo, and it’s the first Roborock to use two spinning mop pads, as opposed to a single vibrating mop pad like on the S7 and S8.

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The Q Revo uses the same top-mounted LiDAR system for its mapping and navigation, which is particularly good, as we’ll see later. It also has the same basic single brush roll & single side brush system as most Roborocks, & all that to say that, in terms of the very basics, the Q Revo doesn’t differ that much from other premium Roborock options.


Moving on to features, and there is a lot to say here. In fact, the Roborock Q Revo scored in the top 10 out of 70+ robot vacuums that we have tested in the features category. One of the most notable features is it’s Auto empty whole dock, that automatically empties the robot’s dustbin into an included bag, but it also washes the mop pads, dries the mop pads, and empties and refills the mop tanks with its large 5-liter dirty and clean water tanks. This is compared to only 3.5 liters on the S8 Pro Ultra, by the way.

Roborock Q REVO review
Roborock Q REVO review

It also has an auto mop pad lifting feature, the auto mop pad lifting featur is quickly becoming a standard for premium mopping robots. This is a big deal because it means that you no longer have to remove the mop pads when you want to vacuum carpets. So if you have a mix of hard floors and carpets in your home, you can now vacuum and mop it all in one run, making it much more efficient. The pad lifting mechanism worked very well in some tests; the mop pads actually lift higher than the S7 and S8, which only lift their pads 5 millimeters, where the Q Revo lifts its pads seven millimeters.

It also has front-mounted obstacle avoidance sensors called Reactive-Tech, which has structured light to avoid the obstacles. But more on that in a minute. As well, it has carpet boost for additional suction when it senses carpet, and it basically has every app feature you could want. For example, it has all kinds of virtual barriers for keeping it from going places that you don’t want it to go. It has room select, zone cleaning, multi-floor mapping, quick mapping, 3D mapping. You can tell it to clean different rooms on different days using different power settings.

It’s got options for how often you want it to return to the base to wash the pads during cleaning or empty the bin, or how long you prefer the pads to dry. It also has a new feature we like where you can set the direction of your hard floors so as to make sure it only mops with the grain.

Q Revo’s performance

Moving on to performance, where we found it to be really good. It had higher than average airflow, it was better than average with the crevice pickup test, and it was significantly better than average with our carpet deep clean test.

As far as debris pickup from the surfaces of hard floors and carpets, it was top-notch. Roborocks are great sweepers, and the Q Revo was no exception. It easily picked up everything we threw at it, from fine to extra-large debris in both surface types, though it did get several hair tangles on the main brush when vacuuming hair over seven inches.

In the mopping tests, we looked at both dried-on and wet stains. With dried-on stains, where we did torture tests with both grape juice and coffee stains, it did perfectly, which is good because we think that dried-on stains are what most people want to use a robot mop for. With wet stains, we found it to be fine, but it seemed less useful for wet stains because it can get overloaded easily and cause streaks. But that’s the case with pretty much all robot vacuum mops as well.

Roborock Q REVO review
Roborock Q REVO review

Its obstacle avoidance performance was not that good, probably to save cost. It only uses the structured light system and does not include the additional side lasers that the S7 Max V and S8 robots have. Probably as a result of that, it did pretty poorly in our obstacle avoidance tests, getting the lowest score we have seen so far, a 4/12. The glass half full version of this is that it’s still better than the similarly priced Roborock Q7, which does not have obstacle avoidance at all.


Moving on to navigation, it mapped the floor plan in just five minutes with its quick mapping. It was one of the most efficient navigation robots yet, tied with the Q7 for second place out of all the robots of any price we’ve tested. Its battery efficiency was also good; it got about 1.6 minutes per percentage point. If you run those calculations, it means it could get about 1500 square feet per charge, which is well above average. But take those numbers with a grain of salt since there are so many variables that can change them.


As far as the cons, we have already mentioned the main thing, which is the obstacle avoidance sensors, where the absence of the additional lasers really seems to make it less effective than its more expensive counterparts.

Another thing is that because the water tanks have more capacity than previous versions, it makes its Auto bin much taller than previous versions as well.



In general, we are excited about the Roborock Q Revo. we think it’s a perfect mid-level Robot vacuum choice, beating out Roborock Q7 vacuum, which was our previous pick in this price range. As far as a vacuum and mop, you lose almost nothing from the much more expensive versions and actually gain a few things.

The large downside is the less effective obstacles avoidance system, but if you have a relatively clutter-free house, this shouldn’t be that much of an issue. Either way, we think you’ll be very satisfied with this robot.


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