How to fix robot vacuum cleaner not running? Cause & solution

Robot vacuum cleaners are smart devices that are capable of cleaning and cleaning the house very well. However, during use, many times you encounter cases where the device suddenly stops working. Let’s learn with Home Appliance Review how to fix the error of robot vacuum cleaner not running effectively!

Why the robot vacuum does not run?

Out of battery or the battery is damaged

When you see the robot vacuum cleaner does not start, or stops suddenly, check to see if the device still has battery, because in some cases the robot runs out of battery without returning to the charging station. In particular, you should pay attention to charging the robot’s battery as soon as the battery capacity is below 30% .

After checking, if the battery is full but the device still does not work, the cause may be because the battery is damaged due to long-term use or has a problem. Therefore, you should replace the battery with a new one or go to a reputable warranty or repair unit to promptly fix it.

Working environment temperature is not suitable

In case the robot vacuum cleaner is placed in an environment where the temperature is too low or too high, it will also affect the device’s ability to operate. Because this directly affects the motors inside the machine, limiting the function of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Trash box & broom are clogged with dust

After a period of use, the trash slots sucked up too much dust, causing the components inside the robot to get stuck, leading to it not working.

Or when in use, the robot’s brush gets stuck on large obstacles, causing adhesion. Therefore, you should regularly check and clean the parts so that the robot can always operate durably.

Place the robot vacuum in damp, moldy places with puddles of water

Robot vacuum cleaners have the function of vacuuming up solid objects and dust of appropriate sizes in residential spaces. Therefore, when the device is placed in moldy places or near puddles of water, the robot cannot operate and ensure its normal cleaning function.

Robot Vacuum fell and had a strong impact

Robot vacuum cleaners are thin and light electronic devices, so internal components can easily be damaged if dropped or subjected to strong impacts. Accordingly, when the device cannot operate, it is likely that it has previously been dropped or collided with other objects, causing damage to the internal parts of the device.

The battery is broken

Here is a simple and safe way to check if the battery of a robot vacuum cleaner is not working at home:

Step 1: Disconnect all power sources related to the robot vacuum cleaner, then remove the battery and use a soft cloth to clean the contact points.

Step 2: Plug the robot in to charge for about 3 – 4 hours , then remove the battery, use a piece of copper wire to touch the two poles of the battery to check the life. When the copper wire slowly heats up, it means the battery is still operating stably.

The robot vacuum battery is broken

Besides, if the robot vacuum cleaner does not work, it means that the internal components may be defective or damaged. You should take them to reputable repair centers for inspection.

The remote control application is broken

Most robot vacuum cleaners today use control apps in English, causing barriers for users, especially the elderly or children. Users may be confused or press the wrong control key, causing the robot vacuum cleaner to stand still.

The remote control application is broken
The remote control application is broken

To solve this problem, on the global market today there are many robots that use many app languages, which is extremely convenient, allowing any family member to use it.

How to fix robot vacuum cleaner not running

Check the power switch

If your robot vacuum cleaner stops working for unknown reasons, the first thing you should check is the power switch on the surface of the robot to see if it is turned on.

Check the power switch

In addition, you should check and clean the entire robot, because the device may be stuck on something and cannot move. Therefore, make sure your robot vacuum cleaner is always ventilated and clean during the next operation.

Replace the battery of the robot vacuum cleaner

Normally, robot vacuum cleaners only work when the device’s battery is above 30% . However, robot batteries can also become corroded or damaged after long periods of use. Therefore, after determining that the device has a damaged battery, it is necessary to replace the battery with a new one to return the device to normal operation.

Replace the battery of the robot vacuum cleaner

Clean the broom & dust box

Most of the reasons why a robot vacuum cleaner does not work is because the device’s dust box is full. Therefore, you should check the trash box and broom and clean these parts regularly.

Clean the broom & dust box

Test the controller application

Currently, robot vacuum cleaners all have integrated control via a connected app. You just need to use the application on your phone to control the device remotely.

Test the controller application

Accordingly, when the robot vacuum cleaner does not work, it may be because you pressed the wrong part, causing the robot to turn off automatically. You can restart the robot to default mode, so that it continues to operate effectively.

Check the charging slot and contact points

You should check the charging slot because this is the part that is covered with a lot of dust and dirt, affecting the power source and causing a loss of connection between the charging pins and the charging outlet. In addition, you should regularly clean it to ensure the device always works well and can prolong its life.

Check the charging slot and contact points
Check the charging slot and contact points

Use robot vacuum cleaners in suitable environments

The last thing to keep in mind when using a robot vacuum cleaner is to use the device in a suitable environment with normal temperatures. Because the machine will not be able to operate in places where the temperature is too low or too high.

Some notes when using robot vacuum cleaners

Pay attention to the robot’s battery: Pay attention to fully charging the battery before use, regularly check the device’s battery status to promptly detect damage, find solutions to repair or replace.

Location when placing the charging station: During operation, the robot will move to clean throughout the house, but users need to leave the charging station in a certain location. The location for the charging station (charging dock, charging base) needs to be a flat, sturdy place like the floor.

Clean the charging station regularly: In addition to cleaning the robot vacuum cleaner, you also need to regularly clean the charging station so that the robot’s battery charging process will be more effective.

Pay attention to the operation of the robot vacuum cleaner: Robot vacuum cleaners can only suck up certain types of dirt. If the robot’s cleaning scope contains hard objects such as nails, glass, hard plastic… then you need to clean them up before the robot starts operating.

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