How do you charge a robot vacuum cleaner? Tips to prolong its life

Charging the battery for a robot vacuum cleaner seems to be a simple task, but it is the key to battery errors that you often encounter. All smart robot vacuum cleaners today are equipped with a charging dock to automatically charge. But how to properly charge the robot “do you need to turn off the power to the cleaning robot charging dock” to be safe and ensure the best longevity for the BATTERY is something that not everyone knows. Home Appliance Review are here to help you. How to know if the robot vacuum cleaner’s battery is full? Should the robot vacuum cleaner be continuously charged? And finally, there is still a way to properly clean the battery for the robot vacuum cleaner.We’ll analyze and answer:

How to charge the battery for a robot vacuum cleaner according to the manufacturer’s standards

Most consumers will tend to rush into buying a robot and then go home and run it. This, for the manufacturer, seriously affects the battery’s future durability. Why is that? Why do manufacturers give instructions to fully charge the device the first time before letting the robot work? 

Basically, current robot vacuum cleaner batteries have a capacity of 2000 – 6000 mAh, with high discharge and charge currents. Therefore, the manufacturer only includes a certain amount of battery enough to maintain the factory and storage time before the device reaches the consumer. For those who do not need technical knowledge, this can be considered a virtual battery capacity. Simply deduce that when the robot works for the first time, the battery status is not up to the actual capacity, which often causes power failure or battery failure later.

Does a robot vacuum cleaner consume electricity?

Many people who are afraid that robot vacuum cleaners consume electricity often turn off the switch or unplug the power cord. Robot vacuum cleaners have a capacity of about 24 – 58 watts, equivalent to the capacity of a light bulb. If you keep plugging it in continuously like that, whether the robot vacuum cleaner consumes electricity or not is something that few people know. 

How do you charge a robot vacuum cleaner?
How do you charge a robot vacuum cleaner?

Most current robot vacuum cleaners use li-ion batteries with high charge and discharge capacity, and are equipped with protection and automatic shut-off features when the battery is full. It only takes about 2 to 4.5 hours depending on the battery type for the robot to fully charge. So this is the actual consumption time. So when using the robot, you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity, it’s only equivalent to turning on a light bulb for 4 hours.

Robot vacuum cleaner and principle: refrigerator

Have you ever wondered if you should unplug or turn off the switch when your robot vacuum cleaner is full of battery? In fact, this is the worry of many people who are using smart robot vacuum cleaners. Careful use is necessary, but must be done correctly according to the product’s operating principles. Imagine if you did the opposite of that principle, it would cause many serious consequences. To better understand this issue, our expert will give you an extremely easy-to-understand everyday example: the “refrigerator principle”.

It sounds absurd, but it is reasonable because robot vacuum cleaners have the same common characteristics as refrigerators: when in use, you should be plugged in continuously “all year round”. Refrigerators are indispensable household appliances and have become very simple and familiar to every family. When using refrigerators today, we all know that we should not unplug it. Our expert just talked about this issue in a simple way because when you disconnect the refrigerator’s power source for a long period of time, the circulation process between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit does not occur, the device does not work.

Drying will easily cause oxidation and puncture of the frame. On the other hand, if the refrigerator is not cleaned dry and clean before disconnecting the power, condensation will wet the internal sensor circuits and lead to damage to these devices, causing the refrigerator to lose weight. refrigeration function.

But we are talking about whether or not to unplug the power or turn off the switch when the robot vacuum cleaner is full of battery . After the robot finishes its work and returns to the charging dock, a series of extremely important processes will take place. First, the battery will be fully charged, and provided with enough heat to discharge moisture, especially more importantly when at the charging dock, the battery will be protected by automatic discharge shutdown. If we do the opposite like unplugging the power, immediately after 6 hours the robot will discharge the battery to the point of exhaustion. If you don’t plug the power back in soon, the robot will lose its battery. 

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Why does the robot vacuum cleaner run out of battery quickly?

Robot vacuum cleaners quickly run out of battery, you will immediately think that the battery is worn out and rush to replace the battery. Maybe this is just an immediate solution, you should find out the reason why the robot vacuum cleaner quickly runs out of battery or shut down. According to the manufacturer’s design, the battery is enough to supply parts such as the suction motor, wheels, and operating control system. 

However, when operating the robot, you may encounter stuck objects such as hair, wires, or too much dust that you have not cleaned. This leads to the robot having to operate with greater capacity and the battery will be consumed, leading to battery drain and possibly a battery drain. Therefore, cleaning and properly operating the robot will help you prevent and overcome the problem of quickly draining the battery of the robot vacuum cleaner.

How to charge the battery for Ecovacs robot vacuum

With outstanding technology and quality, Ecovacs has become a famous product and dominates the largest market today. However, not everyone knows how to charge the battery for Ecovacs’ Deebot vacuum cleaner robot to avoid the robot vacuum cleaner’s battery draining. In addition to the basic instructions from Home Appliance Review above such as: do not turn off the power switch, always plug in the power like using a refrigerator… experts have the following notes:

Turn on rest mode

If you are using an Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner, you should not ignore this feature. “Do not disturb” mode is not only a do not disturb mode, but in this mode the robot almost stops all activities such as scanning the map, and only prioritizes rest mode to protect the battery. This is quite similar to the type of “hibernation” that helps machines restore power to return to work.

Check Battery status

Don’t just follow the proper charging methods for your robot vacuum cleaner. You should also pay attention to the battery status of the robot vacuum cleaner before operating it. There are 2 quite simple ways to know whether the battery status of the robot vacuum cleaner is full or not. You can see the status of the display light, if the light stands still, the battery is full. In the exception that the robot is in resting mode, the light will not light up. You can open the app and see the battery icon on the Ecovacs Home app.

How to charge iRobot Roomba

Roomba is iRobot’s robot product line specializing in vacuuming with a reputation for being a “copper”. Not only is it capable of operating “strongly” and is durable, the fact that the iRobot vacuum robot rarely breaks is also the reason why many people trust this American brand. That is also shown by the durability of the battery, iRobot has really taken into account improper use. You can do a small test to verify that if you immediately unplug the robot from the power source, the battery will discharge to the point of exhaustion in just 24 hours so that the robot can protect itself. On all iRobot models, there is another difference in common: the charging status light will automatically turn off after 60 seconds (1 minute) to help put the robot into rest mode to increase performance and battery life.

how to charge the battery of a robot vacuum cleaner
how to charge the battery of a robot vacuum cleaner

However, Home Appliance Review also recommend that you use the charger properly according to the instructions above. Anyway, the manufacturer only offers a preventative feature. If you frequently cause improper charging of your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, it can still be damaged.


To charge the robot vacuum cleaner’s battery properly, you should research carefully and follow the instructions from the company. Robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers have spent decades calculating that the robot and charging dock must always be together, and there is no need to unplug the power or turn off the switch. Our job is to just use and exploit what the robot vacuum cleaner has to offer. Sometimes because you are too careful, it can become a misuse and affect the life of the battery as well as the robot. Our experts hope that through this article you will better understand how to use robot vacuum cleaners in the most standard way.

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