Samsung Bespoke Jet Review: Wery light, easy to control

Welcome to our Samsung Bespoke Jet review. The vacuum’s airflow was measured at 40 CFM, and its suction was measured at 124 in of water lift. Both measurements are above average for a cordless vacuum.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Review
Samsung Bespoke Jet Review


The Bespoke Jet is also able to maintain high suction over time because its pre-motor filter doesn’t clog easily with fine debris. It uses multiple cyclones to filter out fine debris and drop it back into its bin instead of having that same debris pass through to clog up its filters.

Samsung Bespoke Jet test

Flour clog test

Samsung Bespoke Jet Flour clog test
Samsung Bespoke Jet Flour clog test

This is well demonstrated in our flour clog test. The Bespoke Jet picks up all of the debris without issue, and very little of it passes all the way through its cyclones and onto its pre-motor filter. Compare this result to that of a typical cordless vacuum that doesn’t use multiple cyclones to filter out fine debris.

Notice how much more flour is deposited on its filter. This vacuum will lose suction much quicker and require much more filter maintenance than the Samsung over time.

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Cleaner head design

Cleaner head design is the most important factor when it comes to picking up surface-level debris. The Bespoke Jet features a double roller cleaner head. One brush roll is soft, optimized for pickup on hard floors, while the other brush roll has blades and bristles, optimized for agitation and pickup on carpet.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning Samsung Bespoke Jet test

With this cleaner head design, the Bespoke Jet performed well in our carpet stress test. It picked up most debris without issue, though its soft roller does push forward when it should roll over some debris.

Hard floor cleaning

In our hard floor stress test, this vacuum struggles a bit picking up larger debris despite its soft roller. This roller stops rotating multiple times through this forward push, causing the cleaner head to push forward the larger debris.

This debris then sticks to the front of the roller as the cleaner head is pulled back with a faster, more normal push speed. This issue is much less pronounced, but we still see some debris catching the edges of the cleaner head and sticking to it on this pull back. Overall, though, at a normal everyday cleaning pace, the Bespoke Jet picks up most types of debris well on carpet and hard floors.

Carpet deep cleaning

In our carpet deep clean test, the Bespoke Jet picked up 73% of debris after being pushed back and forth three times over an area of carpet embedded with fine debris. This is only a slightly worse result than that of the best deep cleaning cordless vacuums we’ve tested, which pick up 80% of debris in the same test.

Crevice test

Another component of our hard floor testing is our crevice test, and in this test, the Bespoke Jet again performed very well. It cleaned the crevice in under 10 passes, which is a better than average result.

Battery life

Samsung Bespoke Jet review
Samsung Bespoke Jet review

Battery life within the context of performance is another strong positive for the Samsung Bespoke Jet. It was tested to run for as long as 30 minutes on its mid setting, and on this setting, it still picks up very well. For example, it picked up 67% of debris in our carpet deep clean test on this setting versus 73% on high. The Bespoke Jet also comes with a swappable battery and an extra battery, which essentially doubles battery life.

Fog test

The vacuum also does very well with debris containment. Samsung doesn’t claim that its post-motor filter specifically is a HEPA grade filter; rather, they make the claim that the vacuum’s whole filtration system meets HEPA standards. Either way, the Bespoke Jet easily passed our debris containment test, mostly because its filtration system meets HEPA standards.

Hair tangling

Hair tangling is a bit of a mixed bag for the Bespoke Jet. In our long hair pickup tests, it tangled with only a few strands of 8-inch long hair, but it tangled with 50 to 70% of 14-inch long hair. Its 8-inch result is better than average; its 14-inch result is worse than average.

Weight & handling

The Bespoke Jet is, for the most part, very easy to use. The vacuum’s main body is very light, and so is its cleaner head. Its lightweight gives the vacuum terrific handling and makes it very comfortable to use as a handheld as well.

Dust bin size

A negative here is the vacuum’s dust bin size. It was measured to have a maximum capacity of only 375 ml, which is a below average size for a cordless vacuum. This is largely offset, though, by the vacuum’s self-emptying feature.

All-in-One Clean Station

Yes, it does fill up fast, but you can easily empty it by simply putting the vacuum down on its stand.

Buttons and display

When it comes to buttons, displays, and control, the Bespoke Jet again does very well. It has an on/off button with separate buttons to decrease or increase suction, and it has a display that shows battery life remaining in minutes and seconds.

Pros & cons

Summarizing the pros and cons for Samsung Bespoke Jet, we really like the Bespoke Jet’s multicyclonic design. The vacuum offers good sustained suction over time because its cyclones keep its pre-motor filter from clogging with fine debris. The Bespoke Jet also generally offers good pickup performance on carpet and hard floors. It has excellent battery life and good performance on its medium suction setting. It’s very light, easy to control, and very easy to store with an included stand that empties and charges the vacuum.

On the negative side of things, the vacuum’s cleaner head sometimes pushes forward when it should roll over certain types of large debris. The Bespoke Jet also isn’t quite as powerful, doesn’t deep clean quite as well, and tangles slightly more with long hair than top-rated competitors. It also has a very small dust bin, which requires you to empty it more frequently.


Moving on to general recommendations, the Samsung Bespoke Jet is one of the best cordless vacuums we’ve tested. Its worst trait is that it isn’t quite as powerful as top-rated competitors, mostly from Dyson, but it still has sufficient power for most applications and is able to sustain that power over time because of its multicyclonic design.

It does tangle more easily with hair than Dyson’s, but only slightly more and only with especially long hair. It does have a smaller dust bin, but this is largely offset by its auto-emptying feature. Overall, Dyson vacuums are better, but the Bespoke Jet is a great alternative, especially if you value auto-empty functionality. Thank you for reading our Samsung Bespoke Jet review article

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