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June 9, 2019

IMG_7851Today we're so excited to finally share with you a little more concerning the Frigidaire expert appliances we chose for kitchen. We're able ton’t become more in deep love with how they changed just how our cooking area appears, but moreover, just how it works and works well with us. Along with a bunch of fresh pictures and thorough explanation, I’m probably many excited to share with you the video clip we shot with Jordan Borrowman for Frigidaire pro a week ago. We welcomed more than some friends for a dinner celebration so you might actually see every thing, the kitchen, the devices, the circulation, and all people for action.

That was these types of a great night! Not just performed we formally break-in your kitchen, however it was exactly the way we wanted to do it–with very much folks over. We designed this home using the idea and hope that we’d manage to host and invite people into our home often for a huge dinner. The layout for the previous cooking area put loads (all?) the main focus thereon huge, oddly-shaped island. It may certain bring when you look at the men and women but absolutely nothing else had been really favorable to big gatherings. In reality, it had been so huge nothing could fit to the right from it making united states with a whole wall surface of wasted area.


Once we were planning our brand-new cooking area layout, we thought a great deal on how we cook, bypass, usage, and cleanse your kitchen as well as about how we shop the meals we consume the absolute most vs. meals we always have, but usage sparingly (hi, frozen dessert!). You’ve heard of after photographs here, but I wanted to plunge some much deeper into our choices and placement, in order a reminder, here’s how the same direction looks today:

If you're able to think it, your kitchen itself isn’t any wider, BUT we recessed some of wall surface that previously had the mirror on it 25″ to accommodate a Frigidaire expert all-refrigerator and microwave. Not only achieved it offer that wall surface function, nonetheless it freed up the area where in fact the refrigerator was once for a countertop, drawers for lots more storage space and a window. We really managed to make it into somewhat chopping place with an over-the-counter cutting board we obtained from Ikea for ten dollars. Our most-used tiny appliances (toaster, blender) have been in the major base cabinet truth be told there and I also can’t think simply how much we utilize that counter which was never truth be told there before. It’s an arm’s get to from brand-new all-refrigerator helping to make chopping cheeses, fruit and veggies, and even giving a quick chop to a microwaved quesadilla (#reallife), very simple.


This has every thing related to the foods we consume. We consume mainly fresh foods, therefore we wished more space to store those. All of this refrigerator has actually 19 cu ft of interior room and all the drawers we could have imagined for produce and deli meats and cheeses, which you caught a glimpse of in video we made. All shelves and door caddy’s are easily flexible additionally the stainless across the entire Frigidaire Professional collection is Smudge-Proof, which can be therefore practical for the household with tiny children–it’s probably the best part!

On breaking up the Fridge and Freezer: Wait, where’s your freezer? We opted to tuck the matching all fridge into the walk-in pantry we developed with this renovation. Truthfully, we only don’t go into our fridge up to our fridge–maybe daily for ice or even the periodic night time snack–so having it still accessible (you is able to see in video it is there when we require it) not a part of the key kitchen area suggested even more practical usage of room all-around.

We intend on tackling the kitchen next, that ought to be a great, quick task (knock-on wood) and we’ll trim from fridge similar to the fridge is. I really love the flexibleness with the Frigidaire Professional collection. Wish separate the fridge and freezer? You could do that! Wish to place two gas ranges close to each other when it comes to appearance of one 60″ range? Yes! You ought to do that!


These professional-grade ranges tend to be a fantasy! As excited even as we had been about finally having a gas cooktop, we had been equally apprehensive about baking with gas. Brand new territory! I’m very happy to report, we have had no difficulties with the adjustment and generally are amazed using results. The convection technology cooks everything so evenly and Chris has enjoyed the integral temperature probe that presents the interior temperature of animal meat (or any dish) close to the digital display on front of range.

The grates on top are continuous, therefore not merely does that enhance the appearance of one huge oven, it will make sliding heavy pans and pots across burners feasible and simple. The range(s) additionally incorporate a griddle/grill attachment that suits completely within the elongated center burners and now we look for ourselves deploying it for from asparagus, like you saw in video, to Sunday early morning pancakes.

Underneath the Hood: While we made the hood cover ourselves, underneath we had a 48″ hood insert put in with a 1600 CFM remote blower ventilated out of the roof. We understood we wanted one thing extremely effective for whenever we’re cooking up a violent storm in here (1600 CFM is much more than what exactly is suitable for two 30″ ranges) but getting the blower up inside loft, vented from the roof keeps every thing quiet in the cooking area.

has most likely already been the largest shock to united states within the simplest way– because we'd no objectives actually. It matched the remainder Frigidaire pro collection, therefore it was an all natural choice, but wow! Our meals have never been so clean. it is awesome quiet, has actually flexible racks to match dish and glassware of any size (i enjoy the much deeper top rack that suits dishes therefore quickly!) and also has actually a 30 small pattern. We think it’s great! The blue light which comes on whenever dishes tend to be done (you saw that inside video, too) tends to make me happier than it will. There’s no guessing–they’re done!

We’re therefore grateful for all of feedback during the last few days about our home, and particularly loved hearing from those that got a few ideas with their own cooking area remodels. Easily could leave you with one-word of advice once we summary this last post on our personal renovation it might be, design for your requirements and likes. Don’t forget to step out associated with box and do something different if it's a thing that will make good sense inside your life and also make your kitchen more functional available. We’ve never ever been happier cooking at home.

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