Metro Appliance Recycling

June 14, 2020
Metro Appliance Recycling

Styrofoam/peanutsMetro Recycling Information (503-234-3000) is the greatest resource to understand how to properly dump items maybe not accepted through residential Curbside range provider. From packing peanuts to propane tanks, look for sustainable solutions for unwanted materials using Metro's updated recycler directory. A summary of non-curbside recycling and disposal is supplied here.

Numerous home and garden products are considered family dangerous waste. Choose the warning terms by reading labels: caution, poisonous, corrosive, pesticide, combustible, poison, combustible, warning, risk.

Never pour these items down the drain or on the floor. Plus don't place them within trash. They contain potentially dangerous chemical substances.

Discover an effective method to get rid of dangerous products. Such waste need special therapy and may be disposed of responsibly to greatly help protect kids health, wildlife and watersheds.

Metro Central facility – 6161 NW 61st, Portland

Metro Southern Station – 2001 Washington St., Oregon City

Metro holds free household hazardous waste collection occasions through the entire metro location during spring, summer and autumn.

Plastic materials and packing

Packaging like plastic movie, block Styrofoam and packing peanuts is not recycled during the curb, you could go to convenient drop off areas in Portland. Various other plastic materials such celebration platters, and rigid plastics including "clamshells, " CDs, VHS tapes, Tupperware, Rubbermaid, along with other reusable dishware tend to be collected for recycling if areas can be found. You can use Metro’s discover a Recycler device to find depots of these items.

Dangerous Spend

Domestic dangerous waste is acknowledged all year at Metro's two transfer channels. There is a fee to get rid of the average load of home hazardous waste as high as 35 gallons.

Rigid plastis/clamshellsMetro Central Station – 6161 NW 61st, Portland


Healthcare syringes or any other medical “sharps” should never be placed to your garbage or recycling bins. It is dangerous the employees which handle your rubbish and recyclable products, plus Oregon, it's additionally unlawful.

Sign up for Metro’s sharps disposal and container change system at any hazardous waste center for $5 per container, and obtain an innovative new sharps container free every time you bring a full one back for disposal. A hazardous waste disposal fee of $5 for up to 35 gallons in addition applies.

Prescription and non-prescription medicines

Many medications should not be disposed in trash or flushed along the toilet. Many neighborhood authorities channels offer safe drop-off areas for correctly disposing medication. You are able to take part in the nationwide Prescription Drug Take-Back Days. See the Federal Guidelines for disposing medicine (PDF) for more information.

Electronic Waste

Safe disposal of lots and lots of a lot of VCRs, computer systems, fax devices as well as other kinds of electronic gear is a major environmental concern. All electronic components have dangerous or toxic materials – specifically lead and mercury. The products tend to be safe to make use of, but trigger ecological dilemmas when tossed in a landfill.

Other plasticsComputer systems, tracks and TVs are not allowed in curbside trash and cannot be removed at landfills or incinerators. They have to be recycled through Oregon E-Cycles. Oregon E-Cycles is a free of charge electronic devices recycling system for old computer systems, tracks and TVs you no longer need or wish. Including laptop computers and pills.

This system now takes your personal computer “peripherals” – keyboards and mice – in addition to desktop printers.

Check out or call 1-888-5-ECYCLE to learn more.

Bulky Spend

Metro will allow you to find out what to do with reusable and recyclable items including furnishings, devices, mattresses and also clothes, footwear and publications.

Your garbage and recycling business can pull huge items that aren't reusable or recyclable for a supplementary charge. Phone your organization weekly beforehand and they will give you a price estimate. For a fair fee, they'll pick up devices, furnishings, huge branches, stumps, alongside huge products.

For curbside pickup, put large things at your curb on the day your trash and recycling company has actually decided to pick them up.


  • Cannot set bulky things out until the scheduled day
  • Cannot keep bulky things in your yard or driveway

In the event that you employ anyone to carry away your materials, you're accountable if they're dumped illegally. Make sure you have a receipt aided by the person or company's name, target, phone number and automobile and driver's license numbers.

City Cleanups

Many neighbor hood organizations hold yearly collection events for home cumbersome waste, recycling and reuse.

For a fair charge or contribution, neighbors can dump products cluttering up their particular garages and basements. These cleanup events do not take household trash, & most cannot take hazardous, medical or electric waste.

The seven community coalitions have actually directories of the scheduled cleaning events by neighbor hood relationship

Cleaning items Medical Waste Bulky waste neighborhood cleanups
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