What is Home automation?

January 22, 2016
What is home automation?

Last few days I indexed the majority of the usage situations can be done whenever you connect two smart things collectively in your smart residence. I needed to keep it simple however it works out you will find a huge selection of circumstances that can be played. Have a look at complete listing on anythings. We selected here the 37 best home automation scenarios you certainly can do with Amazon Echo, Nest Thermostat, SmartThings Hub or Wink Hub and many various other wise products.

1. Sound control your lights
Get an Amazon Echo many Philips Hue and will also be capable confer with your lights. Ask “Alexa, activate the lights”.

2. Control the heat with your sound
With Siri and an Ecobee3 Thermostat simply say “Hey Siri, Set my heat to X degrees”.

3. Switch off your lights, while you are away
You have a Nest Thermostat plus some LIFX light bulbs? Set your thermoregulator to away and it will turn off your lights.

4. Reverse air of your space when it’s cold
Make your huge Ass fan pushes the hot-air down inside room if your Nest Thermostat is placed to residence.

5. Monitor your home from your wrist
Check-out what’s happening at your home. Watch the flow from the Withings Residence on the Apple Watch.

6. Play a welcome home message
Your door sensor linked to SmartThings will inform your Sonos to play a welcome message as you start the entranceway.

7. Turn on your coffeemaker whenever you step-on your scale
Sign a fresh body weight throughout your Withings scale, it'll toggle on the WeMo switch.

8. Be reminded in the event that you performedn’t fed your dog
Spot a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor on your pet food.

9. Turn on your lights while you get back
Open up your August Lock, it will probably tell your Hue bulbs to change in through Apple HomeKit.

10. Keep your garments fresh if you are away
Your Whirlpool machine will keep your garments fresh when your laundry pattern concludes while you are Nest Thermostat is scheduled to away/

11. Turn on the lights of garage while you start it
Make your GE light bulbs to change on as soon as your MyQ operator open the garage door.

12. Take control of your robot with gestures
Take control of your Sphero BB-8 using Myo gesture control armband.

13. Close your shades as you fall asleep
Make use of your Jawbone into colors of the Lutron Bridge to immediately shut the shades while you fall asleep.

14. Switch on humidifier whenever your residence is too dry.
Whenever your Netatmo Weather Station seems the atmosphere is just too dried out, it's going to turn on your wise plug in which there is your humidifier.

15. Publish a playlist as you get home
Utilize home sensor with Wink Hub to let your Bose presenter start your preferred playlist as you get home.

16. Start the lights to purple an individual not known is seen
Use your Netatmo greeting digital camera with IFTTT to improve colour of your Hue bulbs when someone unknown is detected.

17. Switch on your fan if the room is humid
Wally have detected dampness within room? It will inform Nest to turn regarding the lover.

18. Switch on your lights while you come home

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