Microcontroller based Wireless Home automation

August 13, 2015
Circuit Diagram for Each Zone
Subject Microcontroller Based Residence Automation Program Utilizing Bluetooth, GSM, Wi-Fi and DTMF
Writers Neaz Md. Morshed G. M. Muid-Ur Rahman Md. Rezaul Karim
Semester Summer, 2015

Venture details: Engineers fight to mix automated devices with mathematical and business resources to generate complex systems for a rapidly broadening variety of programs and real human tasks. This paper represents an inexpensive, versatile and stand-alone home automation system. We could manage appliances for the home from exterior additionally from interior locations. We now have made use of a PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) in this system that detects an intruder. All Electrical loads tend to be computerized within system. There is an internet module that is used to alert the condition of home appliances using Twitter. The advantage of the world wide web component is the fact that the kitchen appliances can be controlled from all over the world. The system also uses the DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) technology for the phoning system, so the home appliances is controlled by calling and pushing buttons of mobile devices. Making use of this system, physically challenged folks can manage home appliances from bed and/or wheelchair. This method can be implemented in homes, workplaces, hospitals, sectors, or in universities.

Project Result: all implemented five attributes of this project are functionally working. This project includes Twitter based control and PIR sensor based recognition of house intrusion that's actually the primary element of protection and privacy mechanisms. Other people are Bluetooth system, GSM-SMS and GSM-calling system being also ideal for security and privacy. We're successfully finished with our hardware utilization of the project. All five functions work not surprisingly.

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