Home automation WiFi light Switch

October 18, 2014
Home Automation WiFi Light
Belkin WeMo Light change for Android


The Wi-Fi® enabled WeMo Light Switch allows you to turn lights off and on from anywhere-from throughout the home, through the backyard, or from the opposite side around the globe. WeMo Light change replaces a standard light switch at home and that can be controlled remotely with an Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It really works together with your present Wi-Fi® system and everywhere your smartphone or tablet features an Internet link (3G or 4G LTE). Simple for most Do It Yourselfers.


Down load the no-cost WeMo software towards suitable Android os smartphone or tablet or your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to begin with. Our award-winning WeMo app has been created to ensure simple or maybe more complex jobs may be accomplished effortlessly. With our updated software, you may want to explore brand new functions such as for instance a customizable long press option (used with IFTTT), improved sunrise/sunset rules, and away mode establishing.

The software additionally allows you to schedule tasks as simple as switching lights on in the evening or before the kids return home from after-school activities, or switching particular lights off every single day to cut back power consumption. More technical jobs function switching light on / off at differing times on various days. Personalized schedules can be easily modified using the WeMo application, even when you will be out of the house.

system your lights to make on or down at specified timesTURN LIGHTS ON/OFF AT SUNSET OR SUNRISE

Not only are you able to program your lights to make on or down at specified times, you can set them to react to sunlight. Simply enter your town name inside WeMo App and then plan your porch lights to turn in at sunset and off at sunrise.

The sunset and sunrise times upgrade each and every day, therefore no matter what period, your lights comes on when you need them to. You could combine sunlight and time rules-for instance, you are able to program your lights to turn on at sunset and down at 11pm everyday. The WeMo App instantly adjusts for sunlight savings.

Wemo Light Switch works with with regular faceplatesREPLACE YOUR EXISTING LIGHT CHANGE, HASSLE-FREE

WeMo Light turn ended up being made for DIY set up. View the set up video for step-by-step actions, including how exactly to check your present switch to make certain this has a neutral line. The included faceplate effortlessly clicks on the wall surface and hides the screws underneath.

Please note your WeMo Light turn isn't suitable for lights managed by several switch or with metal face plates. Metal face dishes hinder Wi-Fi® signals and will not allow this system to function precisely at home. Learn more


The switch functions delicate backlighting, rendering it easy to find at nighttime. You can by hand switch the switch on or down by tapping it. It really is so simple, a toddler can perform it.

WeMo Family never ever Lift A Finger With Echo Voice Control WeMo If This After that That IFTTT Recipe: Siri, lights please.  links sms to wemo-light-switch
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