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September 21, 2015
Save Money

Perceptive Automation on Wednesday announced Indigo 3.0, a version of their house automation computer software for Mac OS X. Indigo 3 costs $179.95l; version 2.0 users can upgrade at no cost. A 30-day test version can be acquired.

Indigo assists Mac people create and handle home automation systems, managing lights, appliances, thermostats, grass sprinklers also products. It sports an integral internet host that enables you to take control of your home remotely on the internet, aswell. You can also use Indigo in conjunction with Salling Clicker and Ovolab Phlink.

Indigo 3.0 supports brand-new Insteon-branded house automation products including the Insteon Thermostat Adapter, which allows wireless control over Venstar thermostats. A brand new website link and scene management editor allows you to define backlinks and illumination views between Insteon modules.

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Indigo can upload logic and schedules to an Insteon PowerLinc 2414U software, which allows you to finish home automation jobs with no the computer working. Other new features include SQLite and PostgreSQL integration, a plug-in design when it comes to online host, much better online host performance, graphical user interface improvements, and help for other brand-new Insteon equipment modules.

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