Dynalite Home automation

October 31, 2016
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Philips Dynalite make effective and robust solutions for residence automation, lighting control, power management and a lot more. Initially made for major commercial programs, the Dynalite system now includes many options for smart house control and it has been made to incorporate seamlessly with other companies and methods.

Home automation – the good life

With Philips Dynalite, your home becomes a sanctuary of leisure and enjoyment. The device takes care of lighting effects, protection, whole-home audio, power and water management, hvac, accessibility control and much, far more.

Imagine switching down all lights with one switch beside your sleep, but having them think about it softly inside evening should you want to look at the bathroom – without you being forced to fumble the switch. Or imagine establishing your house to ‘welcome home’ mode – with lighting effects, air-con plus favourite music – all from your own phone on the way house from work.

That’s exactly what Philips Dynalite can perform for you personally.

Saving power and liquid with Philips Dynalite

Energy management and water administration are two crucial places where Philips Dynalite stands apart. The machine can take control of your lighting effects so that it only comes on when needed – and converts off instantly if the area is kept vacant. Blinds are automated to permit light in but keep temperature out. Automated louvers enable ventilation for all-natural cooling and earth dampness sensors tell the irrigation system when watering is needed.

It all takes place immediately, so you’re saving electrical energy, fuel and liquid without even needing to contemplate it.

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